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1972 DS21 BVH LHD 1972 DS21 BVH LHD ›
Our latest project is this '72 LHD DS21 Semi-Auto Pallas. It will receive chassis & body restoration, a new leather interior and will then be fitted with a rebuilt 2347cc engine. At the moment our...
1974 DS23 BVH RHD 1974 DS23 BVH RHD ›
To be restored in the original BLEU DELTA AC 640 with Tan Leather. The engine has now been rebuilt and it has electronic ignition and a new alternator.
1974 DS23efi Pallas RHD 1974 DS23efi Pallas RHD ›
 This DS23efi RHD Manual will receive a body and chassis restoration in our workshop in Poland with the final body colour  changing back to the original BLEU DELTA AC 640. The interior will be...
1974 DS23 Pallas RHD 1974 DS23 Pallas RHD ›
First we removed and rebuilt the engine now we have restored the bodywork and chassis on this RHD DS23 Manual using new door skins, new rear wings and painted it back into the original BRUN SCARABEE AC 427....
1970 DS21 Semi-Auto RHD 1970 DS21 Semi-Auto RHD ›
This RHD DS21 has had a body restoration (BLEU PLATINE AC 632) with repairs to the chassis and new door cards. Bumpers and exterior Stainless steel have been polished.
DS21 Semi-Auto RHD DS21 Semi-Auto RHD ›
Having started its life as a RHD DS21efi Semi-auto Pallas, this car has now been rebuilt as a '68 model DS21 carb as per our customer's requirements. We have rebuilt the engine, replaced the gearbox and...