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Bleu Platine DS21 BVH Pallas Bleu Platine DS21 BVH Pallas ›
2016-05-12 : See restorations for photofile of recent work carried out.
RHD DS23efi BVM Pallas RHD DS23efi BVM Pallas ›
2016-01-29 : Our next project, to be restored in AC640 Delta Blue.
A Happy New Year (1968) A Happy New Year (1968) ›
2015-12-31 : Two '68 DS21 Semi-Autos in the workshop for the start of a new year. (One possibly not an original DS colour...)
Step Brothers Step Brothers ›
2015-11-23 : Our customer's recently purchased 1964 RHD ID19 with his Panhard PL17.
Brighton Breezy Brighton Breezy ›
2015-10-09 : DS20 on the waterfront.
DS in Dungeness DS in Dungeness ›
2015-09-21 : It's not unusual to see a line up of Goddesses in Dungeness...