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Height Corrector Height Corrector ›
2011-04-18 : Making the measurements for ride height before adjusting the front and rear torsion bars.
Keep on Tracking Keep on Tracking ›
2011-04-11 : Making sure the wheels are pointing in the same direction using our period Dunlop Tracking Guages.
Film Star Film Star ›
2011-04-04 : Re-creating Zurich 1962 with the help of Marcus Carlton's '58 DS19 at Somerset House for the film X-Men.
On the Road On the Road ›
2011-03-29 : Spotted on the road between St Hypolite and Maiche in Le Doubs, Department 25, a rare sight indeed these days...
MOT Preparation MOT Preparation ›
2011-03-28 : DS21efi Pallas being serviced & prepared for the Mot test. 
On Safari On Safari ›
2011-03-11 : Safari Line Up.