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Rear View Rear View ›
2011-06-03 : A Trio of Semi-Auto Pallas Models outside our workshop.
M0T Test M0T Test ›
2011-05-31 : Our customer's restored 1970 DS21 having its M0T test carried out.
Oxbridge Blues Oxbridge Blues ›
2011-05-16 : Bleu D'Orient DS23 next to Bleu Camargue D Super
Precious Metals Precious Metals ›
2011-04-29 : Gold & Silver DS's outside our workshop.
Height Corrector Height Corrector ›
2011-04-18 : Making the measurements for ride height before adjusting the front and rear torsion bars.
Keep on Tracking Keep on Tracking ›
2011-04-11 : Making sure the wheels are pointing in the same direction using our period Dunlop Tracking Guages.